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With a power output of .38 Hp (.28kw), this gearmotor provides seamless operation of your conveyor system with precision and consistency. Operating at 230/460 volts, 3 phase, and 10-60 Hz, it offers variable speed control to adapt to changing workflow requirements. At a speed of 86 RPM, it ensures optimal throughput while maintaining smooth operation, enhancing overall productivity.

Equipped with essential features including an on/off switch, cord, and overload protection, this gearmotor prioritizes safety and convenience. The inclusion of overload protection ensures the longevity of both the gearmotor and your conveyor system, protecting against potential damage.

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Weight17 lbs



Dorner Conveyor Part Number #62M020PS423EN

Introducing the Dorner Conveyor Part Number #62M020PS423EN, meticulously engineered to optimize material handling efficiency in industrial environments. This Standard Load Parallel Shaft Gearmotor VFD Variable Speed Gearmotor offers exceptional performance and versatility for conveyor systems.

Engineered to withstand demanding industrial conditions, this gearmotor features a rugged construction, ensuring durability and longevity. Despite its sturdy build, it remains lightweight, with an uncrated weight of just 17lb (8kg), facilitating easy installation and maintenance.

Available through Piedmont Technical Sales, a reputable provider of industrial equipment, this gearmotor is backed by reliability and expertise. To inquire or place your order, contact Piedmont Technical Sales at 704-519-4661 today

Elevate your material handling capabilities with the Dorner Conveyor Part Number #62M020PS423EN, delivering exceptional performance and efficiency in industrial settings.

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Weight17 lbs



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