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Manufacturers we represent

Afag Piedmont Technical Sales


Parallel & Angular Grippers Pneumatic & Electric Actuators Rotary Modules Gripper/Rotary Modules Linear Slide Modules Gantry Slides

American Grinding

American Grinding

Brute Machine Bases Riser Blocks Dial Plates


Flow Tube Products Ultrasonic Piezo Transducers Level, Proximity, Range & Distance Sensors Piezo Transducers Board Mount Transducers with Housing Transducers with Wire Harness Temperature Probes Precision Short-Range Transducers Evaluation Kits


Radial Forming Machines Forming Tools Riveting Machines Precision Work Stations Manual Presses Pneumatically Assisted Presses Straight Acting Presses Pneumatic Toggle Presses Hydro Pneumatic Presses Press System Accessories Press Monitoring Systems Air Over Oil Presses


Laser, Photoelectric and Fiberoptic Sensors Proximity Sensors and Mechanical Switches Ultrasonic Sensors Rotary Encoders Cameras

Binder Piedmont Technical Sales


Subminiature Circular Connectors Miniature Circular Connectors Power Connectors Connectors for Medical Applications Data Transmission and Power Supply Automation Technology – Distributor, AS Interface Solenoid Valve Connectors PUR/PVC Cable LED Lights


Direct Drive Servos Servo Driven Electric Actuators Motorless electric actuators Stepper Driven Electric Actuators Multi-Axis Systems

Cone Drive

Worm gearboxes Right angle servo gearboxes Planetary Servo Gearboxes Stainless Steel gearboxes Harmonic Gearboxes Gearsets


Standard Suction Cups Special Purpose Suction Cups Suction Cups Accessories Vacuum Pumps Vacuum Pumps Accessories Vacuum Switch Range Peripheral Devices Vacuum Grippers End-effectors for Cobots


Fixed Retail Scanners Handheld Scanners Mobile Computers Sensors Laser Marking Systems Safety Machine Vision Stationary Industrial Scanners RFID Systems OEM Barcode Readers

Del-Tron Precision


Ball Slide Assemblies Lead Screw Slides Recirculating Assemblies Guides, Rail Sets Positioning Stages Crossed Roller Slide Tables Belt Driven Linear Slides Ball Screw Slides Recirculating Ball Slide


Handheld Screw Driving Equipment Automated Screw Driving Systems Screw Feeding Torque & Angle Measurement Pneumatic Grinders, Wrenches and Polishers


DESTACO is a leading provider of clamping, gripping, transferring, and robotic tooling solutions. Known for their precision and reliability, DESTACO clamps are essential in various industrial applications, from automotive manufacturing to aerospace engineering.



Low profile conveyors Angle framed conveyors Magnetic belt conveyors Cleated belt conveyors Indexing conveyors Certified food grade conveyors


Bi-Flo™ Accumulation Tables Rotary Replacement Models Infinity™ Accumulation Tables


Auto Feed Drill & Tapping Units Lead Screw Tapping Units Multi-Spindle Heads Servo Feed Ball Screw Units Clutch Type Tapping Heads


Custom designed feeder systems Vibratory feeder systems


Variable Frequency drives General purpose VFD’s High Performance VFD’s


Oven Conveyors Ovens Parts Washing Conveyors


Workspace and Storage Solutions Tool Storage Drawer Storage Cabinets Flow Racks Custom Workbenches and Workstations Mobile Cabinets Stands and Trolleys Storage Walls


LAN/USB/PoE/Wireless Signal Tower Signal Beacons Audible Alarm/Voice Synthesizer LED Lighting



Relay modules Small controllers PNOZmulti Controller Robotics Drive technology Networks Operating and monitoring Software & Connection technology


Electric Cylinders Linear Actuators Linear Rotary Actuators Linear Slide Actuators Grippers XY Stages Multi-Axis Actuators STACK Actuators Controllers Motors Encoders



Mounts EOAT Guarding Robot Accessories

Thermal Edge

Air Conditioners Air to Air Heat Exchangers Filtered Fan Packages Enclosure Accessories

Telco Sensors - Piedmont Technical Sales

Telco Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors Remote Photoelectric Systems Light Curtains Industrial Light Curtains Measuring Light Curtains Optical Fork & Frame Sensors Power Supply Units


Temposonics is a pioneer & leading manufacturer of magnetostrictive technology for measuring position. Our sensors permit high-precision and dynamic position and/or speed measurement in state-of-the-art automation & safety-critical applications.


Hinged Steel, Chain, Slider, Troughed, Wire Mesh, Cleated, & Plastic Belts Chain Driven Live Rollers, Motor-Driven, Gravity Rollers Belt-Driven Live Roller Roller Bed Cooling and Drying Floor to Floor, Hinged Steel Belts Conveyor Parts & Accessories


Electric Linear Actuators Pneumatic Linear Actuators Power Transmission


Rotary Servo Motors Gear Motors Direct Drive Servo Motors Linear Servo Motors Linear Slides HMI Motion Controllers


WERMA is a global leader in signal technology, providing innovative and reliable solutions for various industrial applications. Their products are designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and communication in manufacturing environments.


Parallel & Angular Grippers Sheet Metal Grippers Tool Changers Rotary Actuators Feed Escapements Swing Clamps & Power Clamps Vertical & Horizontal Toggle Clamps Pneumatic Power & Swing Cylinders Squeeze Action & Straight-Line Clamps Roller Gear Index Drives

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