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Piedmont Technical Sales serves as a vital link between PILZ and its customers, offering expert guidance and support throughout the procurement process. With a deep understanding of PILZ’s product range and industry-specific requirements, Piedmont Technical Sales assists clients in selecting the most suitable solutions for their unique needs. Whether it’s providing technical advice, facilitating product demonstrations, or ensuring timely delivery, Piedmont Technical Sales is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and fostering long-lasting partnerships. By collaborating with Piedmont Technical Sales, customers can access PILZ’s cutting-edge safety solutions with ease, ultimately enhancing workplace safety, efficiency, and overall performance.

Sensor technology

PILZ is at the forefront of sensor technology, offering cutting-edge solutions that enable precise detection and monitoring of environmental conditions in industrial settings. Their sensors are engineered to deliver reliable performance, ensuring enhanced safety and efficiency across various applications.

Relay modules

Relay modules manufactured by PILZ are indispensable components in safety circuits, providing robust control and protection mechanisms. Designed for seamless integration and compatibility, PILZ relay modules uphold the highest standards of reliability and performance, ensuring optimal safety in industrial environments.

Small controllers

The Small Controllers PNOZmulti series from PILZ represents a versatile and compact solution for managing safety functions in industrial automation. These controllers offer flexibility and ease of use, allowing for seamless integration into existing systems while ensuring compliance with stringent safety standards.

Connection technology

Connection technology from PILZ ensures robust connectivity and compatibility across diverse industrial environments. Their connection solutions enable seamless integration and communication, facilitating the smooth operation of industrial systems and equipment.

PILZ is a renowned safety company committed to providing innovative solutions for industrial automation and safety. With a rich history spanning decades, PILZ has established itself as a leader in the field, delivering cutting-edge products and services tailored to meet the stringent safety requirements of modern industries. Specializing in a wide range of product categories, PILZ manufactures top-quality offerings that ensure optimal safety and efficiency in industrial environments. From sensor technology and relay modules to small controllers like the PNOZmulti, PILZ’s portfolio encompasses comprehensive solutions for diverse automation needs. Their expertise extends to controllers, robotics, drive technology, networks, operating and monitoring systems, software, and connection technology, each designed to uphold the highest safety standards while enhancing productivity. As a trusted partner, Piedmont Technical Sales plays a crucial role in distributing PILZ’s products, ensuring that these innovative solutions reach customers efficiently, thereby contributing to safer and more efficient industrial operations.



PILZ controllers are engineered to meet the complex demands of modern industrial processes, offering advanced features and capabilities for precise control and automation. With a focus on reliability and performance, PILZ controllers empower businesses to optimize their operations while ensuring utmost safety and compliance.


PILZ robotics solutions are designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in industrial environments. From robotic arms to automated systems, PILZ offers cutting-edge robotics solutions that enable seamless integration and precise control, revolutionizing the way businesses operate.

Drive technology

Drive technology from PILZ ensures optimal performance and control of machinery and equipment in industrial settings. Their drive solutions are engineered to deliver precise control and efficient operation, enabling businesses to maximize productivity while minimizing downtime.


PILZ networks solutions facilitate seamless communication and coordination across industrial networks, ensuring smooth operation and enhanced connectivity. With a focus on reliability and compatibility, PILZ networks solutions are integral to optimizing industrial processes and workflows.

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