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Piedmont Technical Sales is a premier provider of spare parts, components, and equipment, catering to various major market segments. Their extensive range of offerings is designed to meet the unique needs of each segment, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Piedmont Technical Sales supports major market segments by providing a comprehensive range of spare parts, components, and equipment. Their offerings cover safety products, sensors, pneumatics, motion controls, material handling solutions, electrical products, conveying products, and automation products. With their expertise and quality products, Piedmont Technical Sales aims to meet the unique requirements of each segment and contribute to their success.

Safety Products: Piedmont Technical Sales offers a wide selection of safety products to protect workers and create a secure working environment. This includes safety switches, emergency stop devices, safety curtains, and safety relays. These products help prevent accidents and injuries, ensuring compliance with stringent safety regulations.

Sensors: Piedmont Technical Sales specializes in sensors that enable precise and reliable detection and measurement. They provide a comprehensive range of sensors, including proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, pressure sensors, and temperature sensors. These sensors are essential for automation, process control, and quality assurance in various industries.

Pneumatics: Piedmont Technical Sales offers a comprehensive range of pneumatic components and systems. This includes pneumatic cylinders, valves, filters, regulators, and lubricators. These products are crucial for powering and controlling machinery and equipment, providing efficient and reliable pneumatic solutions.

Motion Controls: Piedmont Technical Sales excels in providing motion control solutions to optimize productivity and efficiency. Their offerings include servo motors, drives, motion controllers, and actuators. These components enable precise and smooth motion control in industrial automation applications, enhancing production processes.

Material Handling: Piedmont Technical Sales understands the importance of efficient material handling in various industries. They offer a wide range of products, including conveyors, rollers, casters, and handling equipment. These solutions streamline material flow, enhance productivity, and improve workplace safety.

Electrical Products: Piedmont Technical Sales provides a comprehensive range of electrical products to meet diverse industrial requirements. This includes circuit breakers, switches, connectors, cables, and power supplies. These products ensure reliable electrical connections and efficient power distribution, supporting smooth operations.

Conveying Products: Piedmont Technical Sales specializes in conveying products that facilitate the movement of goods and materials. They offer conveyor belts, rollers, chains, and accessories for different applications. These products enable efficient and reliable material handling in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and mining.

Automation Products: Piedmont Technical Sales understands the growing demand for automation in various industries. They offer a wide range of automation products, including programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human-machine interfaces (HMIs), sensors, and robotics. These solutions enable seamless integration and control of industrial processes, improving productivity and reducing manual labor.

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