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Electrical Products

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Electrical Products: Piedmont Technical Sales provides a comprehensive range of electrical products to meet diverse industrial requirements. This includes circuit breakers, switches, connectors, cables, and power supplies. These products ensure reliable electrical connections and efficient power distribution, supporting smooth operations

At Piedmont Technical Sales, we take pride in being your trusted distributor of a comprehensive range of electrical products tailored to meet diverse industrial requirements. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and efficiency ensures that your electrical connections and power distribution systems operate seamlessly, supporting the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of your operations.  We are more than just a distributor; we are your dedicated partner in achieving electrical excellence. Trust us to provide top-notch products that guarantee reliable performance, efficient power distribution, and seamless automation. Partner with us for a brighter, more connected future.

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  • Circuit Breakers: Ensure the safety of electrical systems with reliable circuit breakers designed to protect against overloads & short circuits.
  • Switches: Explore our extensive range of switches for precise control and seamless management of electrical circuits.
  • Connectors: Our connectors are crafted to establish secure and efficient connections, enhancing the reliability of your electrical networks.
  • Cables: Choose from our selection of high-quality cables, including PUR/PVC cables, to ensure robust and durable power transmission.
  • Power Supplies: Optimize power distribution with reliable & efficient power supplies, designed to meet the demands of industrial applications.
  • Afag Automation: Discover cutting-edge automation solutions including Parallel & Angular Grippers, Pneumatic & Electric Actuators, Linear  Rotary & Slide Modules, Gantry Slides, Miniature, Power & Circular Connectors. 
  • Del-Tron Precision: Enhance precision in your operations with Del-Tron Precision products, Ball Slide Assemblies, Lead Screw Slides, Recirculating Assemblies, Guides, & Rail Sets. Experience smooth & accurate motion control with our precision-engineered solutions.
  • Signal Tower and Beacons: Ensure clear communication on the factory floor with our Signal Tower, Signal Beacons, and Audible Alarm/Voice Synthesizer products. Enhance safety and efficiency with LED Lighting solutions.
  • Patlite Products: Explore the latest innovations including LAN/USB/PoE/Wireless solutions. Our product range covers Signal Towers, Signal Beacons, Audible Alarms/Voice Synthesizers, and LED Lighting, providing comprehensive solutions for your industrial signaling needs.