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Pneumatic Cylinders:

Piedmont Technical Sales specializes in providing a comprehensive range of pneumatic components and systems, catering to various industrial applications. Here’s an expansion on the key pneumatic products offered.

Pneumatic Clamps

Pneumatic cylinders are devices that use the force of compressed air to generate linear motion. They are crucial components in automation, manufacturing, and machinery, converting the energy from compressed air into mechanical work. Piedmont Technical Sales likely offers a variety of cylinder types, including single-acting, double-acting, and rotary cylinders, to suit different application requirements.

Valves: Pneumatic valves control the flow of compressed air within a pneumatic system.

Piedmont Technical Sales may offer a wide range of valves, such as directional control valves, solenoid valves, and proportional control valves.

These valves play a key role in regulating the direction, flow, and pressure of the compressed air, enabling precise control over machinery and equipment.

Filters: Air filters are essential for removing contaminants, such as dust and particles, from the compressed air stream.

Piedmont Technical Sales likely provides a selection of filters designed to maintain the cleanliness of the air, protecting downstream components and ensuring the reliability of pneumatic systems.

Regulators: Pneumatic regulators control and maintain the pressure of the compressed air within a specified range.

These devices are crucial for ensuring consistent and reliable operation of pneumatic equipment.

Piedmont Technical Sales may offer various types of regulators, including relieving and non-relieving options, to meet different pressure control needs.

Lubricators: Lubricators introduce a controlled amount of oil into the compressed air to lubricate pneumatic components and extend their lifespan.

Piedmont Technical Sales likely provides lubricators that help reduce friction, prevent wear, and enhance the efficiency of pneumatic systems.

By offering this comprehensive range of pneumatic components and systems, Piedmont Technical Sales plays a vital role in supporting industries that rely on efficient and reliable pneumatic solutions. Whether it’s manufacturing, automation, or other industrial applications, their products contribute to the smooth and precise operation of machinery and equipment powered by compressed air.

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