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The SG 10 M/S light curtain system consists of a self-contained transmitter, SGT and receiver, SGR, which are to be positioned opposite of each other. The detectors are housed in a water-resistant, aluminium profile available in a slim line design (12 x 30 mm).

The SGR is supplied with a 12-36 V dc / 24 V ac power supply with a 5 wire, solidstate relay output, in light operated function. The system offers a Master set and Slave set which can be wire connected together to form a system of two light curtain sets which are synchronised and multiplexed, ensuring that optical cross-talk between the two sets is prevented. The Master set can also operate as a stand alone system. Transmitter and receiver light curtains are electrically synchronised.

The advanced automatic signal-tracking (AST) feature ensures that no onsite set up or adjustments are required. The signal level of each individual channel is adjusted automatically, which compensates for misalignment and contamination during operation.

Specialised signal processing technology, designed for outdoor environments, reduces the risk of false detections of water, rain or snow that may pass between the light curtains during operation.

Both the transmitter and receiver units are protected against reverse polarity of power supplies, control input and output signals. The output is also protected against short circuit and inductive loads.
All products include a 3-year worldwide warranty.

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SG 10 M/S

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